The sheepsfoot blade was designed in ancient times for abusive work. The blunted end is not as suseptable to damage and dulling, while the overall shape lends itself to chopping and slicing. 


This is what makes the sheepsfoot blade so great in the kitchen. While its not as accurate for piercing, the blade is perfect for chopping. The long, straight edge makes great forward slicing motions and the tall blade allows for deep cuts while still maintaining directional control.


The dark markings left on the blade are oxidation from forging. This oxidation helps to keep food from sticking to the blade while cutting, but largely just tells the stoy of the process which gave birth to this one of a kind knife. 


Available for pre-order only. 4 week lead time currently.


Blade Length: 6.5 inches

Overall Length: 11 inches

Thickness: .0625 inches at spine 

Alloy: Nitro-V Stainless Steel

Handle Material: Walnut


This knife comes with a kydex sheath to make it safe inside of a drawer. 

Sheepsfoot Chef's Knife - Black Walnut


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    Raleigh Avery has been making handcrafted knives since the age of Fourteen. Seven years later, Avery Knifeworks has sold handmade knives internationally and in 42 states. Specializing in custom hunting and everyday-carry fixed blades. Avery Knifeworks is a go-to for anyone who needs a durable tool and desires functional art. 


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