Railroad Spike Knives

Railroad spikes are a waste product from decades of railway repair.

It's a topic of great debate, do railroad spike knives keep a good edge? Railroad spikes are made from varying grades of steel and trying to determine the quality of one is a shot in the dark.

We have a strong solution to this issue. Our Superior Spike knife has a forge welded Carbon Steel blade, enveloped by the original spike body, creating a superior structure for strength and character. 

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About Avery Knifeworks

Raleigh Avery has been making knives since the beginning of high school. 6 years later his company, Avery Knifeworks has sold knives internationally and in over half the 50 states. Specializing in custom hunting knives, Avery Knifeworks is a go-to for anyone who needs a durable tool and desires functional art. 


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