Survivor Knives

Affordability and relevance to modern needs is the theme that created the survivor knife. 

Lightweight, easy to carry, thin edged and multi-functional are the key attributes that make these knives great for anyone, anywhere. 

From the Great Smoky Mountains to downtown Chicago, we have heard stories of triumph over threatening challenges using this hardworking tool.

As the market is flooded with factory made knives, this model represents itself well as a Survivor of the changing times.

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About Avery Knifeworks

Raleigh Avery has been making handcrafted knives since the age of Fourteen. Seven years later, Avery Knifeworks has sold handmade knives internationally and in 42 states. Specializing in custom hunting and everyday-carry fixed blades. Avery Knifeworks is a go-to for anyone who needs a durable tool and desires functional art. 


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