Tine Skinners

These blades represent a tradition of Appalachian culture that is to "use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without!", a famous slogan used during WWII.

This line is crafted from repurposed antique metal like crosscut sawblades. Mountain culture employed every bit of material one could get their hands on. Antler and scrap metal were highly valued materials for their strength and durability. This line incorporates both of those materials to create a high functioning knife design for another important aspect of mountain culture, skinning and processing wild game.

These knives have also been noted to be good carving blades, particularly our Fingernail Pickers.

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About Avery Knifeworks

Raleigh Avery has been making knives since the beginning of high school. 6 years later his company, Avery Knifeworks has sold knives internationally and in over half the 50 states. Specializing in custom hunting knives, Avery Knifeworks is a go-to for anyone who needs a durable tool and desires functional art. 


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